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Melissas Morsels

Melissa has been baking since she was 8 years old. She came up with the idea for Melissas Morsels when she was only 16 and has been making sweet treats since 2001.

Melissa attended the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College for pastry arts and graduated Suma Cum Laude from Rasmussen College with a degree in Digital Design and animation.

I am a licensed home based bakery. This means I cannnot create anything for you that is time and temperature controlled. For that reason I have a menu below of items that I regularly sell. If you would like other treats or flavors please do ask and I will see what I can do to accomodate.



How to Order?


I require 2 weeks notice for all orders. If my schedule allows I may accept rush orders though an extra $20 rush fee may apply.

For sugar cookies I have a 2 dozen minimum order.

Fill out the form below. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Orders are not confirmed on my schedule until a 50% non-refundable deposit is recieved.




Why do I require a deposit? Because I spend a lot of time on each order. From custom designing and 3d printing cookie cutters to shopping for your creations.I also book out time in my calendar when you place your order. If for any reason you decide to not go forward I may have already turned down other orders etc and that results in me losing money. Your deposit secures the date on my calendar.


Payment Options


I mainly take Venmo and Paypal. Please let me know if you'd like to pay other ways and I will look into your request.




My prices are competitive with other bakers in the area. I use premium (often organic) ingredients. If you have a budget you need to work within please let me know and I will work to come up with the best option for you.


Color Matching


I will use your color inspiration from inspiration photos, invitations etc to the best of my ability. Colors vary from screens, paper, and pastry and cannot be guaranteed to match exactly.



All products are produced in a home kitchen that may also process common food allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, milk, fish, and crustacean shellfish.By request I may make "gluten free", dairy free, and vegan options though my kitchen is not certified free of any allergens and I will ask you to sign a release stating your knowlege of possible (although unintentional and unlikely) cross-contaimination of allergens


Packaging and Sugar Cookie Care


I offer several options of packaging for your convenience. Individually sealed cookies will last the longest without other care on your end they should last roughly 2 weeks at room temperature. Indivdually packed cookies tied with ribbon should also last about the same amount of time. Cookie trays are best within one week at room temperature. If you choose just a boxed option I recommend repacking in an airtight container if you are not consuming cookies within 3 days. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.

If you need to preserve your cookies longer they can be FROZEN. Simply place cookies in an airtight container and stack cookies one on top of the other, in between layers of parchment paper/bubble wrap. To thaw cookies, set them out the evening prior to when you need them. Do not open your airtight container until cookies are fully thawed. In our humid climate opening the container allows for condensation and could ruin the cookies.


Macaron Care

Store macarons in a cool dry area for up to 7 days. For best results refrigerate until ready to serve and let come to room temperature before enjoying. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Macarons can also be frozen up to 3 months (wrap box in saran for optimal preservation.)



**I cannot be held liable for anything that happens to the cookies after they leave my kitchen. Please handle with care**


Sugar Cookies


My sugar cookies are generally 3.5-4 inches. If you would like minis or extra large please request custom pricing


Classic Vanilla


My signature sugar cookies are just the right softness. Vanilla cookie with vanilla royal icing




My signature sugar cookies with sprinkles (default is rainbow unless otherwise requested. Other sprinkle colors are subject to an extra charge).
Vanilla cookie with vanilla royal icing


Orange Cardamom


My signature sugar cookies with a hint of citrus and spice. Orange Cardamom cookie with orange flavored royal icing



Dutch Chocolate


Cross between a sugar cookie and brownie. Soft with a slight crunch just like my signature vanilla. Chocolate Cookie with vanilla icing.






These are my most commonly sold flavors. If you would like something else feel free to ask and I will try to accomodate. I love trying new flavors.


Dark Chocolate

My most popular flavor. Super moist and full of chocolate flavor. Pairs great with peanut butter buttercream.


Red Velvet







Cake fillings/ Frostings


Let me know if you would like a flavor other than listed


Dark Chocolate Buttercream


Vanilla Buttercream


Peanutbutter Buttercream





These are my most commonly sold flavors. If you would like something else please ask..







Vanilla shell with vanilla buttercream. Shell and filling can be colored to your preference


Lucky Charms

Green vanilla shell filled with lucky charm cereal milk infused buttercream and marshmallow






Dark Chocolate

Chocolate shell with Guittard dark chocolate ganache


Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate shell with Guittard dark chocolate ganache and raspberry jam



Pistachio shell with pistachio filling


Creme Brulee

Vanilla bean shell with a bruleed top filled with creme bruleee flavored buttercream


White Chocolate


Vanilla bean shell with Guittard white chocolate ganache


White Chocolate Raspberry


Vanilla bean shell with Guittard white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam


White Chocolate Passion Fruit


Vanilla bean shell with Guittard white chocolate ganache and passionfruit gelee




Sugar Cookies


min 2 doz




1-3 basic stock shapes (ie circle, hex, square), 3 colors max, up to 3 different designs, simple and minimal.


....Starting at $45 per dozen....





1-5 shapes, 5 colors max, up to 5 different designs, can include simple logos, metallic accents, lettering, simple florals up to 2 custom hand cut/ 3d printed custom cookie shapes.


....Starting at $55 per dozen





1-8 shapes, 10 colors max, up to 8 different designs, custom shapes and designs, up to 5 hand cut/ 3d printed custom cookie shapes, metallics, character cookies, intricate logos, elaborate text.

....Starting at$70 per dozen....



Add Ons


*ask about pricing*

Gold/Silver hand painted

Edible Sparkles

Edible Images

All Organic/ natural food dyes

Allergen free/ Dietary restrictions





Custom Cakes


I do not to sheet cakes. I do custom cakes only (both tiered and sculpted) starting at 20 servings for $100. From time to time I may offer preorders of smaller cakes for specific holidays or if I have time I also offer custom sculpted figures and cake toppers. Feel free to ask me about pricing.





min 14 per flavor

Plain Vanilla shel1 choice of up to 2 colors 1 flavor buttercream....$1.50 each
Premium 2 or more flavors....starting at $1.75 each



Add Ons


*ask about pricing*

Gold/Silver hand painted

Edible Sparkles

Handpainting images




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